90 years of experience in firing technology and the world widest range of industrial kiln plants: the best starting point for developing a state-of-art furnace for Powder Metal Industry.

The Roller Heart Furnace, produced by the SACMI's German-based Riedhammer GmbH, features high temperature sintering (up to 1280°C) with carbon restoration and fast cooling, and it's suitable for all processes from standard sintering to high temperature sinter hardening ones.

The low-dew-point control and atmosphere stability allows substitution of alloying elements (such us Ni with Cr or Mn) to achieve better material performances as well as mix's cost reduction. At the same time the furnace achieves a sensible reduction of the production costs thanks to the usage of silicon carbide rollers (with a life time of 8-10 years) as parts carrier, an extremely efficient burning system, a perfectly controlled fast cooling zone and a specific throughput up to 450kg/h net parts.

  • Roller type
  • Maximum temperature up to 1280°C
  • High process flexibility for sintering and
  • Specific high net parts up to 450 Kg/h