The result of over twenty years' direct experience in the Powder Metal field, and over 40 years in hydraulic systems, the presses of the MPH series are technologically advanced yet simple, safe and highly reliable.

Suitable for high-speed cycles and continuous work shifts yet also extremely flexible during the tooling and set-up stages, these presses offer outstanding efficiency and ensure that energy consumption is, whatever the production scenario, reduced to a minimum. Either designed with a standard multi plate technology or highly innovative structural solutions such as the patented floating table, the MPH offer the most outstanding part quality and customizations combined with a sound reduction of the process running cost.

All presses are equipped with SACMI's Automatic Program Generator (API) a smart HMI that assists operators worldwide in an easy and efficient set-up of the pressing process. It generate the pressing program based on the part's geometrical characteristics and helps in fine tuning the part's mechanical properties starting from in-field data. Moreover, thanks to the integrated Cycle Simulator the production of complex parts, different cycle options and the consequent tool/pressing movements can be easlily tested even before pressing a single part.

  • Fully automatic hydraulic CNC presses
  • Rigid steel frame (FEM tested)
  • Automatic compensation of spring-back
  • All axes controlled with resolution up to 1 micron
  • PQ (force-speed) real time control
  • Top proportional & servo valves
  • Automatic Program Generator (API)
  • Auto-diagnosis features
  • Safety over EtherCAT

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