NEWS: LIFE 4 Green Steel, Sacmi together with high-profile partners for “sustainable metallurgy”

Ambitious research project funded by the European LIFE programme. The goal? To reduce consumption and emissions in the high density powder metal (HDPM) processing sector

At present, Sacmi is engaged in over 40 partnerships and projects with key Italian and international universities and research centres. These include a major project concerning “powder metallurgy”, an energy and raw material-intensive sector that, through applied research, could see its environmental impact reduced significantly.

This, in short, is the goal of the project Sacmi is co-developing with the University of Trento and its partners TFM Automotive Industries and K4Sint. Funded by the European LIFE programme, the “LIFE 4 Green Steel” project aims to demonstrate the feasibility of replacing traditional metalworking (which uses huge amounts of energy and raw materials) with a cleaner, more efficient process that re-utilises materials and energy, reduces waste and contains emissions.

More specifically, the project aims to build an actual “demonstrator”. This will be a small-scale industrial line where high density powder metals (HDPM), used extensively in the manufacture of high-performance steel components, are put through an innovative process that contains energy consumption and greatly reduces the use of lubricants (especially mixed fluid lubricants), thus lowering the resulting emissions considerably. More generally, the outcome is lower in-atmosphere CO2 emissions.

LIFE is a financial division of the European Union that supports environmental safeguarding, nature conservation and climate change action projects. Since its founding in 1992 LIFE has funded over 4,500 projects (during the current 2014-2020 period, investment will total 3.4 billion euro). Sacmi, at the forefront of sustainability and consumption/emissions-reducing process innovation, is taking part in this project as part of a wider smart manufacturing policy that aims to make production processes 'lighter', more sustainable and ensure they yield higher added value.

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