NEWS: Schunk Sintermetalltechnik renews its trust in SACMI’s Powder Metal solutions

The new MPH300 model joins the three MPH200 already installed in Thale (Germany), a plant specialized in manufacturing of hi-tech components for the automotive industry.

With over 90 years of experience in powder metallurgy, Schunk Sintermetalltechnik is one of the world leading Companies in the field specialized in both axial pressing technology and metal injection molding (MIM). At Schunk plants in Heuchelheim and Thale (Germany) as well as Ocoyoacac (Mexico), they manufacture high-precision parts that deliver both speed and safety to the streets of the world.

State-of-the art technology and zero-defect philosophy pursued by Schunk perfectly matches with SACMI’s approach to the PM markets where the MPH range of presses has already established itself as a best-in-class equipment in terms of productivity, efficiency and quality.

The MPH300 successfully installed in last October, is no exception: engineered to grant the highest structural rigidity and mechanical reliability in a compact body, SACMI’s 300 ton powder metal press features 3 upper and 4 lower levels granting outstanding production performances even on the most complicated parts. Set-up times are also reduced to a minimum thanks to SACMI’s fully electric tool manipulator that allows fast and precise tool assembly directly in the press.

The highest efficiency is granted as well by the user-friendly Assisted Programming Interface (API) that drastically reduces the press programming and tuning times. The integrated graphical interface automatically generates the best pressing curves based on the geometrical characteristics of the piece and allows visualizing the pressing cycle even before starting the production.

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