Sacmi sets a new milestone in the PM high tonnage pressing

The new MPH 800 enriches the range of MPH presses

Sacmi is the Italian leading manufacturer of machines and complete plants across many different industrial fields and, today, one of the prominent technology supplier for the PM industry with over 70 presses supplied in the last 5 years across five continents, all of them efficiently served by the Sacmi Group’s many local branches.

One of the most interesting news brought to the market by Sacmi in 2017 is the MPH800 model, the latest addition to Sacmi’s range of CNC hydraulic presses for the PM industry.

Being the fruit of the continuous day-by-day hard work of Sacmi in innovation and development, the 800 ton press was specially engineered in order to grant the highest structural rigidity and mechanical reliability thanks to the one century long experience Sacmi has in the manufacturing of high tonnage presses up to 25.000 tons.

The press features up to 4 upper and 4 lower levels granting production performances, even on the most complicated parts

Set-up times are also reduced to a minimum, thanks to Sacmi’s well-proven automatic die-set change system that allows production to restart in less than 30 minutes and thanks to the new automatic motorized system for the regulation of the end stop of the press, which increases precision and reliability of the machine.

As all presses in Sacmi’s range the MPH800 is equipped with an Assisted Programming Interface (API) that drastically reduces the press programming and tuning times. The integrated graphical interface automatically generates the best pressing curves based on the geometrical characteristics of the piece and allows operators to crosscheck the results with a user-friendly cycle simulator even before starting the production.

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